Digital Control Workshop

Great material on digital power supply. This information can help power engineers think about digital system limitations and how to choose one. Overall, this class helped me organize my knowledge and come up with a better plan for my project.

This hands-on workshop, taught by Dr. Hamish Laird of ELMG, is designed to provide solutions to the key issues in digital signal processing using micro-controllers, microprocessors, DSP and FPGA. These solutions can then be employed effectively in the control of power electronics.

Over the course of four days, participants receive targeted training on digital power electronics control, covering the detail of both digital control and power electronics and how they work together. During the afternoon lab, engineers learn to close a digital power converter feedback loop in a stable fashion by following repeatable and easily understood steps. In addition, techniques are taught to understand digital power control and the resulting effect on limited bandwidth, processing power, number of bits, and dynamic range.

Leave the workshop with clear step-by-step methods to do the following:

  • Deal with and measure converter non-linearity
  • Close digital control loops directly without designing analog controllers first and transforming to digital
  • Close the power converter loop using simple digital controller prototypes
  • Design the control solution for numeric precision effects in the control band, crossover, and above the crossover
  • Deal with parallel and series connection of digitally controlled power converters
  • Achieve stable converters



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