What's New?

Model 310 was released in April 2018. This model features an isolated USB for increased noise immunity and enhanced signal resolution. All other specifications remain the same as Model 300.

The AP310 is a frequency response analyzer designed specifically to make sensitive gain-phase measurements in high noise environments, and is used to measure the following:

  • Transfer Functions
  • Loop Gain and Phase
  • Output Impedance
  • Audiosusceptibility or PSRR
  • Input Impedance

Measure large and small signals with its advanced analog and digital signal processing. Receive rugged and reliable results in all environments, including challenging power supply applications.

Measure individual passive power components to accelerate your design process, including:

  • Power capacitors
  • Power Inductors
  • Power Transformers
  • Leakage Inductance
  • Winding capacitance

How it Works

The Frequency Response Analyzer is a sophisticated instrument that injects a sinusoidal test signal and measures the response of a system to that frequency on two return signals. It makes swept frequency response measurements that give magnitude and phase data plotted verses frequency. The frequency sweeps can be either logarithmic (for Bode-type plots) or linear.

A rugged and easy-to-use Windows interface allows the plotting of relative or absolute signal amplitudes. The analyzer uses the latest in analog and digital signal processing technology that provides an affordable, high-performance, high-productivity measurement instrument.


The AP310 is the only frequency response analyzer developed specifically for the power supply industry. It has the following features crucial for rugged measurement in high noise environments:

  • Drive power circuits hard with the embedded power amplifier on the output sources with 20 V p-p at 2 ohms
  • Graphically adjust variable output source for problematic measurement areas all the way from 7 V rms down to 1 mV
  • Directly measure analog input signals up to 5V p-p without any attenuation
  • Link measurements directly with RidleyWorks™ design software to compare with modeling
  • Inject voltage or current from 0.1 Hz to over 30 MHz with a single wideband injection transformer
  • Measure power capacitors and magnetics with impedance test fixtures
  • Test PFC circuits as low as 0.01 Hz
  • Test EMI filters and components up to 30 MHz
  • Measure high gain current-mode loops easily with a 117 dB dynamic range Link to any Windows application with DDE data sharing
  • Maximize productivity with AP310's fast and user-friendly software
  • New isolated USB for enhanced noise immunity
  • Use anywhere by USB connection to any PC, notebook or tablet
  • Developed and made in the USA, using the latest technology




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