5-Day Workshop Agenda


Theory Lecture

Lab Experiments


Power Supply Topologies (non-isolated)
High-Frequency Inductor Basic Design
Isolated Power Supply Topologies
High-Frequency Transformer Basic Design
PWM Converter Small-Signal Modeling
Small-Signal Power Stage Characteristics
Designing Voltage-Mode Control Loops
Advanced Magnetics Design
Core Loss Considerations
Advanced Winding Loss
Spice Magnetics Models
Winding Capacitance and Arrangements
Real-World Design Examples
Current-Mode Control Modeling
Closed-Loop Current-Mode Compensation

Forward Inductor Design, Build, Measurements 
Forward Transformer Design, Measurements
Forward Converter Snubber Design 
Forward Full-Power Operation, Efficiency
Forward Converter Power Stage Measurements
Output Impedance Measurements
Forward Converter Control Loop Design
Loop Gain Measurements
Closed-Loop Output Impedance Measurements
Flyback Transformer Design, Measure
Flyback Converter Snubber Design
Flyback Converter Full-Power Operation
Flyback Efficiency Measurement
Closing the Current Loop
Compensating Ramp Addition
Control Measurement with Current Loop Closed
Current-mode Outer Loop Design and Compensation<
Loop Gain Measurement and Design
Output Impedance Measurements










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