“The most useful power conversion course I've ever taken (and also excelling re the concept of ‘time is money’) is Dr. Ray Ridley's several day seminar on power conversion. Absolutely wonderful and very good notes, plus he includes a license for his Power 4-5-6 design software. From my personal experience, this one is a no-brainer! I HIGHLY recommend it for anyone pursuing (or in) a power conversion career.”

“Thank you very much for the great course, it has been the best course I have ever attended.”

“All the topics in the workshop plus the hands-on labs are a great balance of theory and practice.”

“Magnetics – Great overview not available even in graduate-level power electronics class.”

“What I liked in particular about this course was that we could take the teachings of the morning section and witness them in action in the afternoon. At no point in my years in this industry have I selected my snubbing components and proven that they worked in less than five minutes......the software works!!”

“Thank you for your time and enthusiasm for the subject, I enjoyed the course thoroughly.”

“Once again thank you for wonderful workshop. I made all my coworkers jealous, and they are already making plans to participate in your workshop.”

“All topics covered were very useful and I found that the way in which they were delivered was especially helpful. In particular the way in which you were able to simplify topics which for years have to me seemed very complicated e.g. control loop theory.”

“Overall, the workshop was excellent! My expectations were high and you did not disappoint.”

“As a new engineer just starting in power electronics I found all the workshops extremely useful and the order in which they were presented was very logical helping me to get to grips with power supply design quicker.”

“There is enough information packed into the course for a 10-day class, which well justifies the reason to take it.”

“Overall; an enjoyable, well presented and useful course.......I wish that I'd been on it years ago!!”

“I think it is well worth the money and is useful if you need a refresher on the subject as well as wanting to learn some new "tricks".”

“100% recommended, have already suggested this course to fellow colleagues.”

“I came away with a deeper understanding and some real-world experience on power design after taking your course.”

“One of the best courses I have been on, the mix of theory and practical is just right.”

“I feel that the hands-on labs were very organized. I was impressed with the amount of available parts for us to choose from so that everyone was not building the exact same design with the exact same results.”

“I really was surprised, how fast and simple some first magnetic design can be made.”

“Magnetics – Using the Power 4-5-6 provided me with the means to tackle winding Inductors and Transformers myself.”

“I have been in the power industry for 20 years. I give you an A+ on the content of your material based on the balance of theory, equations, and practical design. I have attended other magnetics design seminars, and they focus so much on heavy theory, elaborate equations, and unit conversions that I end up leaving the seminar more confused than before I started. Thank you for boiling down the content into a much more straight forward design process that is easy to follow.”

“Normally on courses people switch off during some portion of the talking/teaching due to concentration span, but I found myself alert throughout without any of the usual ‘eyelid collapse’ you can get on other courses.”

“I would definitely recommend this workshop to a colleague just as it was recommended to me by a previous attendee.”

“It has re-invigorated my enthusiasm for deeper investigation into power supplies and to still see Ray Ridley’s enthusiasm even after more than 30 years is great.”

“I am going to make a recommendation we send additional engineers (we have 30 plus) to your course or work on having you here to teach the course in-house.”



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