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Application of the AP310 is supported personally by Dr. Ray Ridley, the recognized industry expert in power supply control and magnetics design. If you have trouble making or interpreting measurements, send your test results directly to Dr. Ridley for his insights and analysis. Model 310 adds an isolated USB for increased noise immunity and enhanced signal resolution.

For hands-on training in test and measurement, we recommend attending one of our 5-day power supply design workshops.


Lower Frequency 0.01 Hz
Upper Frequency 30.00 MHz
Signal-level output voltage 1.25 mV to 1.77 V rms (5 V p-p) 50 ohm output impedance 
Power amplifier output voltage 5 mV to 7 V rms (20 V p-p) 2 ohm output impedance
Power amplifier output current (Fan-cooled) 0 to 500 mA  
Signal output DC offset +/- 10 VDC Software adjustable
Variable signal with frequency Graphical control, overlays with data for maximum productivity
Number of Data Points 10,001 maximum, software selectable

 Receiver Input

Receiver Bandwidth 1 Hz to 1 kHz Software selectable
Sweep Averaging Samples 1 to 999 Software selectable
Absolute maximum safe input +/- 15 V with 1x probes (provided)
  +/- 150 V with 10x probes (provided)
  1000 VAC with isolation probe accessory
Measurable Signal Range 5 uV to 1.77 V
Input capacitance 25 pF



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