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11What if you could package all your knowledge and expertise in a subject and share it with the world? This was Dr. Ridley's inspiration more than 35 years ago when he launched his first Power Supply Design Software1. Today, this comprehensive software has grown to encompass many deep topics and design methods. Rebranded as RidleyWorks® in 2018, it remains the industry standard as an essential tool for all designers worldwide.

To understand the power within, let's step through the design sequence in RidleyWorks®:

1Converter Design

  • Input the desired specifications
  • Select one of 12 commonly used topologies and view the fully-designed power supply
  • Modify any of the design variables (for experienced designers) as needed
  • Simulate using the world's most efficient large-signal simulator with instantaneous waveforms
  • Change components and see the immediate impact on waveforms

1Control Loop Design

  • Begin with a fully-automated loop design in current-mode or voltage-mode
  • Reshape the loops to push performance (for experienced designers)
  • Experience the world's most accurate small-signal modeling developed by Dr. Ridley and Dr. Vorperian
  • View the interaction between small-signal and simulation instantly

1Magnetics Design

  • Choose cores, wires, layout, or work with the default design
  • Generate full proximity winding loss and curves
  • Reshape the curves to craft your own magnetics design
  • Print the results for the magnetics vendor to build, or build your own

Simulation and Analysis

  • Enjoy the world's fastest simulator to verify design choices
  • View accurate and instantaneous cycle-by-cycle waveforms
  • See full waveform and loss analysis, at unprecedented depth and speed

1Design Validation in LTspice®

  • Open the design with a seamless flow into LTspice® schematics
  • Experience the speed of convergence using our custom components
  • Measure loop gains and transfer functions directly in LTspice® without specialized models

Nothing could be easier.

To celebrate our 35th year, we are offering a FREE version. Try RidleyWorks® Buck Designer with all the essential software functions intact.

1 POWER 4-5-6 software first released 1991.


There are three levels of application for this software. These levels are commensurate with experience and stage of the design to help achieve the greatest value from without the burden of knowing the equations involved in arriving at the solution. Regardless of your design experience, RidleyWorks® offers the ability to check and cross-check all parameters and results. Stop at any time during the process and view resulting waveforms and control parameters. In addition, there are extensive help files available on every screen.

Level 1 Basic

This level, simply input the power requirements for your circuit. When you click “OK”, the entire converter, including control loop, is designed for you. The components are chosen based on the data input. Hardware can be generated with confidence with these working values.

Level 2 Intermediate

Level two designers have design experience and want to input their knowledge as the design progresses. They want to understand and further optimize the design. At this level, you will look carefully at the selected values from RidleyWorks, and change some of them to improve the design.

Level 3 Advanced

Level three designers not only know how to design an effective power supply— they know how to get maximum performance out of a power system for very specific applications. They have a library of preferred parts that work well for their applications, and use these to fully optimize the design. They will work etensively with the deep insights provided by our magnetics designer with full proximity analysis modeling at the touch of a button. 


  • No internet connection needed – work where and when you want
  • Exact cycle-by-cycle simulation - 400 cycles of closed-loop operation simulated instantaneously
  • Input AC design and simulator for input capacitor
  • Output filter includes single output capacitor, dual output capacitor, or CLC filter for maximum noise attenuation
  • Snubber designer including RCD snubber for flyback converter
  • Control loop designer for CCM, DCM, current-mode and voltage-mode control
  • Full output impedance analysis with voltage-mode, current-mode, and second-stage output filter
  • Magnetics designer with core library and facility to quickly add preferred cores
  • Magnetics proximity loss designer including split windings, multiple layers and foil windings
  • EMI input filter designer with impedance interaction analysis
  • Full integration with AP Instruments’ Frequency Response Analyzer to verify component designs with predictions and quickly update simulations with real component values
  • Efficiency in simulating all converters - run as a standalone, or with the AP310 Analyzer. Transformer, inductor, and capacitor measurement interface to verify hardware designs
  • Power stage designer for all power components
  • Stress and loss analysis for all power components
  • Direct 1-button link to LTspice® for design validation
  • Unique loop generation in LTspice® using AP310 setup knowledge and closed-loop designs.



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