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For military and aerospace customers, the AP310 is a necessity. This product carries full Z5401-1 and NIST calibration and certification with full data. For high-performance commercial applications and university research labs that need uncompromised specifications for challenging measurements—this is the best instrument.

Boasting a 117 dB dynamic range and non-grounded inputs, it will cut through common-mode and differential-mode noise from switching power supplies better than any instrument on the market. It has a true radio-receiver front end that provides the ultimate in noise rejection, crucial for measurements in our field. The AP310 will sweep a power supply measurement faster and smoother than any oscilloscope-based instrument, greatly improving productivity.

Difficult measurements such as low output impedances, line noise attenuation, and high-performance loops are no problem for the AP310. It has a high-power source capable of 20 V p-p with a 2 ohm impedance that can provide 500 mA of drive across the entire frequency range.

The low frequency range down to 0.01 Hz provides full characterization of PFC control loops. If this loop is not designed and measured properly, there is increased risk of input bus oscillation, overvoltages and undervoltages that can shut down or damage a power system.

Control and application of the AP310 is simplified with RidleyWorks® software, which automates setup at the touch of a button.



The RidleyBox® is a workhorse with many applications. It is ideal for FAE’s and consultants ‘on the go’ who need a portable test center, or engineering teams that use multiple units simultaneously. The RidleyBox® was developed at the request of our long-term customers who use an AP310/300/200 as their baseline reference tool. To this, they add multiple RidleyBox® units in engineering departments worldwide for ultimate productivity.

The RidleyBox® features a complete set of design tools for power supply design and testing. Design and measure loops efficiently to ship products, and then test in the field as needed.

With an oscilloscope-based analyzer, simpler measurements such as loop gain and passive components are ideal. The inputs are all hard grounded, so care must be taken with the grounding of a test system. Because it is an oscilloscope data acquisition unit, the sweep is slightly slower than the AP310. However, the overall performance is excellent. Impedance and PSRR measurements are noisier than the AP310, simply due to the architecture.

As with the AP310, the RidleyBox® is fully controlled at the touch of a button by RidleyWorks® software. A lifetime license is included, and a Ridley Universal Injector is embedded inside. With an affordable price, this instrument is also ideal for university teaching labs. The RidleyBox® has been adapted as the key design and testing tool for our RIDLEY LABS hands-on workshops worldwide.

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